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Yemen edging nearer famine as war, 'shredded economy' take toll: U.N. official

By Tom Miles | GENEVA

GENEVA Yemen's humanitarian catastrophe is set to worsen as the war has ruined the economy and is stopping food supplies getting through, driving the country to the brink of famine, the top U.N. aid official in the country told Reuters.

"Throughout the whole of this country kids are dying," said Jamie McGoldrick. U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen.

Nearly two years of war between a Saudi-led Arab coalition and the Iran-allied Houthi movement has left more than half of Yemen's 28 million people "food insecure", with 7 million of them enduring hunger, according to the United Nations.

In the latest setback, Yemen's biggest traders have stopped new wheat imports due to a crisis at the central bank, documents seen by Reuters show.

Already, eight out of 10 children are stunted by malnutrition and every 10 minutes a child dies due to preventable diseases, U.N. agency figures show. To scrape by, several families often rely on one salary-earner, and child marriage is increasing, with girls married off at the age of 15 on average, and often younger.

The U.N. estimates that 18.8 million people need some form of humanitarian aid but it struggles to deliver supplies, partly because of the war and partly due to a lack of funding. The disruption of wheat shipments will exacerbate the problem.

"We know that early next year we will face significant problems," said McGoldrick, who described the economy as "shredded".

Almost half of Yemen's 22 governorates are already officially rated as being in an emergency food situation, he said. That is four on a five-point scale, where five is famine.

"I know there are some worrying developments and the deterioration weve seen in the economy and the health services and the ability to supply food would only give us an estimate that things are going to get much worse," McGoldrick said.

The U.N. has been conducting a new food assessment in preparation for a new humanitarian appeal in 2017, when it will ask donors for life-saving help for 8 million people. But a famine may still not be officially declared.

"Technically these things are easily measured but in reality using the F-word is something that very few people will use because its so emotive. I would say its not likely to happen, my personal view."

"Famine" means more than two people dying per day for every 10,000 in the population, or about 5,500 deaths per day across a country of Yemen's size, according to a Reuters calculation. The current "emergency" across much of Yemen still means 1-2 deaths per 10,000, suggesting thousands may die of hunger every day.

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Candidates who don't back Trump may not be allowed to run again, RNC chairman says - Fox News

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, left, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich at a debate in March 2016. Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, left, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich at a debate in March 2016. (Reuters)

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday suggested he could say never mind to the Never Trump candidates should they try to make another run for the presidency.

Priebus said the former primary challengers whove refused to support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could face consequences if they fail to back Trump in the stretch-run to Election Day.

Those people need to get on board, Priebus told Face the Nation. And if theyre thinking theyre going to run again some day, I think that were going to evaluate the process of the nomination process and I dont think its going to be that easy for them.

Priebus didnt specifically name the group, but Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are the most prominent ex-GOP primary candidates to refuse to support Trump.

Cruz and Bush were locked in particularly nasty verbal spats during the campaign with Trump, who termed his opponents Lyin Ted and Low-Energy Jeb. Though Kasich and Trump rarely went toe-to-toe, Kasich was the last Trump challenger to drop out of the race, and despite the Republican National Convention being held in Cleveland, the Ohio governor didnt set foot in Quicken Loans Arena. Cruz spoke at the convention, but he was booed off the stage when he told the assembled, largely pro-Trump crowd to vote your conscience.

Despite the intra-party squabbles, however, Priebus made his case by pointing to a pledge that each primary candidate signed vowing to support the eventual Republican nominee.

People in our party are talking about what were going to do about this, Priebus said. I mean theres a ballot access issue in South Carolina. In order to be on the ballot in South Carolina, you actually have to pledge your support to the nominee, no matter who that person is. So whats the penalty for that? Its not a threat, but thats just the question that we have a process in place.

And if a private entity puts forward a process and has agreement with the participants in that process, and those participants dont follow through with the promises that they made in that process, what -- what should a private party do about that if those same people come around in four or eight years?

Cruz addressed the issue of the pledge during a talk to members of the Texas Republican delegation on July 21, the day after he was booed off stage in Cleveland.

That pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack [my wife], that I'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father, Cruz said.

Kasich said in June on MSNBC that he was likely to break the pledge.

You know, people even get divorces, Kasich said.

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BILL GROSS: The economy is 'a Monopoly board,' and everybody is losing - Business Insider

monopoly man graffiti Flickr / aisletwentytwo

Bill Gross thinks the world economy is playing

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Feds cite Fogle's quest for teens for sex in appeal reply

Rick Callahan, Associated Press

Updated 1:32pm, Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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Is Your Business Getting All It Can From Social Media? Dallas SEO

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Video shows Miami Beach police fatally shooting man - CNN

Story highlightsVideo posted on Instagram shows police fatally shooting a man in Miami BeachPolice chief said the man had tried to rob a bank and was armed with a straight-edge razorThis one occurred Saturday morning when a Miami Beach, Florida, officer killed a man during a confrontation on a busy street. A passerby shot the video and posted it to Instagram.

Police started looking for the man after a report of a bank robbery, police Chief Daniel Oates said at a press briefing. The suspect was spotted a block from the bank, went into a barber shop and came out with a straight-edge razor, the chief said. The man raised his hand with the razor during a confrontation with police and was shot twice by an officer with a rifle, Oates said.

The video shows a shirtless man confronted by several police officers.

The man takes a couple steps forward, places his left hand on the front of a parked police cruiser and stops. His right hand can no longer be seen -- it is blocked from view by an officer to his side.

Moments later, the officer fires the rifle -- two shots can be heard -- and the man falls backward onto the street, clutching his chest. A scream can be heard.

The man who was shot was Hispanic, police said. The officer, a six-year veteran, was also Hispanic. The identity of neither has been released.

Miami-Dade police, not Miami Beach police, will investigate the shooting, Oates said. The FBI and Miami Beach police will investigate the attempted bank robbery.

"It's a horrible, an isolated incident and it's tragic for everybody involved," Mayor Philip Levine said.

The FBI said a man entered a Bank of America branch about 10:26 a.m. and handed an employee a note saying he had a bomb and demanding money. After threatening to shoot a customer, the man left without money and didn't leave an explosive device behind, the FBI said.

Officers spotted the man about a block away, in the 1500 block of Alton Street.

The man went into the barber shop and at first refused officers' orders to come out, Oates said. When he did emerge he had removed his shirt and was armed with the razor, the chief said.

"He was challenged by the officers in the street and at some point during that confrontation he did raise his hand with a straight-edge razor in it and he was shot," Oates said.

Oates said Miami Beach had recently instituted a body camera program and one of the officers was wearing a camera. However, state law prohibits releasing the bodycam video to the media at this point, he said.

In other cases, police officers were prosecuted when fatal shootings were caught on video.

In Chicago, an officer was charged with murder in the 2014 killing of Laquan McDonald. The dashcam video was not publicly released for more than a year causing public anger. The city's police superintendent stepped down and some people urged Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign, too.

In South Carolina, video showed a North Charleston police officer shooting Walter Scott in the back last April when he tried to run during a traffic stop. That officer was charged with murder and the city reached a $6.5 million settlement in a lawsuit filed by his family.

CNN's Chuck Johnston contributed to this report.

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Tamir Rice family attorneys want own experts to testify - USA TODAY

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